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A central characteristic of Therese Nortvedt´s pictorial language is the mythical dimension of her motifs. The figures create stories indicating deeper symbolic meanings, never fully accessible.

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“Therese Nortvedt is focusing specifically on contemporary celebrity offspring. She exploits the viewer´s familiarity and ready identification with the children in question, and thus draws us in.”

Dan Cairns, The Sunday Times, London

“A central characteristic of Therese Nortvedt´s pictorial language is the mythical dimension of her motifs. She presents us with a personal mythology occupied by women, children, animals and dolls, often rendered in feminine pastel.”

Nina Denney Ness, Art Historian

“Paintings derived from photographs of celebrity´s children in Nortvedt´s hands, become as empathetic as a pieta. And like a pieta`, the children depicted have an aura, but the exact contents of that ethereal glow are not revealed.”

Pollock Fine Art