New Art and the story behind After New York

Face to face after all these years. One long story, two artists and a new exhibition not to be missed; After New York. A dog is not really just a dog but holds a variety of interpretations. From faithfulness and loyalty to seduction and betrayal. Paintings and artworks by artist Therese Nortvedt expresses and interaction [...]

Great contrast in The Urban Jungle

Nortvedt dresses up the animals and take them to the Urban Jungle In a World where the Artificial is becoming natural, and nature is becoming more and more Artificial, Therese Nortvedt dresses up the animals and takes them to the Urban Jungle. The great contrast between her life in London and summers spent far above [...]

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Art Historian; Effects of the Subconscious

A central characteristic of Therese Nortvedt´s pictorial language is the mythical dimension of her motifs. She presents us with a personal mythology occupied by women, children, animals and dolls, often rendered in feminine pastel. Together the figures create stories indicating deeper symbolic meanings, never fully accessible. Separated as they are from the trivial and tangible, [...]

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Celebrity´s children – Future Players

Her paintings of celebrity´s children are sourced from a variety of media. They seemingly suggest a hybrid pop art, but the artist has surpassed that clever mission by evoking an unforced strangeness masquerading as the familiar. Masquerade as a visual strategy comes naturally to Nortvedt, who studied theatre design at the English National Opera following [...]

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Iconography in Art is like Irony

Iconography in Art is like Irony Dan Cairns is a freelance writer for The Sunday Times in London. Read what he writes about celebrity offspring and Therese Nortvedt´s paintings. Therese Nortvedt is focusing specifically on contemporary celebrity offspring. She exploits the viewer´s familiarity and ready identification with the children in question, and thus draws us [...]

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