Press release: Exclusive art-show – Therese Nortvedt to the island with new paintings

EXHIBITION LYNGØR – 12-15 July 2018:On the idyllic island of Lyngør, the outstanding Jeweller and Art Collector, Rikke Harsheim opens her private home for a four days only art exhibition of Therese Nortvedt`s paintings and works on paper. Harsheim has been a collector of Therese Nortvedt´s paintings for many years and her son, Art Historian Dean Martin Harsheim Eidsvold, will be in charge of the arrangement and sales. The exhibition is open from Thursday July 12 until Sunday July 15, 2018.Therese Nortvedt will be present during the exclusive exhibition.

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Scenic town: In Norway the village of Lyngør at the southern coast of Norway is well known for its scenic harbour and charming wooden houses, and is recognized as one of the best-preserved communities in Europe. Most of the buildings are now summer homes and Lyngør has been honoured as a World Heritage site by UN.

Getting there:You can arrive in Lyngør only by boat and there is a regular ferry departing from Gjeving on the main land, a journey that only takes five minutes. Hiring a taxi-boat is another possibility. Lyngør is about 12 kilometres southeast of the town of Tvedestrand and also about 12 kilometres southwest of the the town of Risør.Lyngør has a few restaurants that are open during the summer season.

Opening hours: 4pm – 7pm (16 – 19)
Phone organiser: +47 95812124