From London to hometown in Norway with new paintings. A new art show by Therese Nortvedt at Galleri Soon in Son

SON, NORWAY: In EYES WIDE SHUT, this is Therese Nortvedt ‘s third solo Exhibition with Galleri Soon in the seaside town of Son, Norway. Here we are introduced to her new paintings and works on paper all made at her studio in Islington, London.

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Dreamlike. In her canvases we are presented with female figures in a dreamlike state, all beautiful and seductive, inviting us in to a lush landscape, which envelopes the figure.
In spite of their intense gaze, they are sidestepping our approach in an unattainable state of being. The turquoise cerulean bluish sky often perceived to be the male partner of a female earth is laden with butterflies and birds. Their wings emphasise their longing for flight and escape. Butterflies are associated with the soul, the invisible female spirit, linked with Thanatos (Death) and Hypnos (Sleep).

Joy and summer. Furthermore, these Butterflies also symbolize summer, joy and longevity, a season of desire in the Nordic Hemisphere. We, the Voyeurs, are all invited in with, Eyes wide shut, to the magical and intriguing world of Therese Nortvedt’s new paintings.

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