Face to face after all these years. One long story, two artists and a new exhibition not to be missed; After New York.

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A dog is not really just a dog but holds a variety of interpretations. From faithfulness and loyalty to seduction and betrayal. Paintings and artworks by artist Therese Nortvedt expresses and interaction in enigmatic and magical landscape. The animals and humans appear as they are lost in a new reality.

More than 30 years after Therese Nortvedt and Kjell Erik Killi Olsen set out an influential chapter in New York, the artists present new art collectively in native  Norway.

By no sense, “After New York” is definitely not the end of the road. But for art enthusiasts and collectors, this meeting face to face is the exceptional up-to-date happening not to be missed. Exhibition runs from January 18 in Galleri Soon, Norway.